5 Shopping Tricks to Save Money Easily

Buying on full price is a bad idea, particularly when you are just a click away from promo codes and coupons. Last year, I found secret online shopping tactics to get deep discounts on products like books, clothing, groceries and electronics. In fact, getting incredible deals and discounts on online shopping and in-store purchases is simple. The top secret is – you need to go to the google and find out promotional codes and coupons online. Here, in this article, I’ll teach [...]


Is online shopping stressful or joyful? Two studies come to different conclusions

Understanding how shoppers feel can help retailers provide relevant services that suit them. Two new studies come to very different conclusions. Reasons to be cheerful about shopping The happiest place in digital report, commissioned by Rokt, questioned 4,198 UK, US, German and Australian adult consumers about their emotions when they approach different digital tasks, from shopping and social media to search. It found that "happy" (62%) and "excited" (43%) were the most common emotions linked with making a purchase online, with 36% [...]


How to save money while shopping online

Want to save more while shopping online? Here are some money saving tips. Consumer buying patterns are evolving, especially after the invention of e-commerce websites. Online shopping has given a paradigm shift to the way people shop. Gone are the days when consumers used to visit their favourite shops to buy products and services. Now, the consumer is king and companies are modifying their marketing strategies keeping their target audience in mind. Another major advantage of online shopping is price differences. [...]


Why Are Some People Still Afraid of Shopping Online?

Why Are Some People Still Afraid of Shopping Online? Blog Author : ALEX MCEACHERN We all know that one person. The person that just can’t believe you do your shopping online, or assumes the worst every time an order is placed. There will always be skeptics, but why do these people choose to not shop online? Well I can tell you some examples of people close to me and why they will not buy online. My parents continually tell me that ecommerce [...]


Here are 5 tips to help you stay safe

Here are 5 tips to help you stay safe whenever you're online performing transactions or browsing. This is one of the ways we show you that #GTBankCares. And as for the tip about keeping your hands clean, we have everything you could ever need right    

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