User Guide

“What a beautiful site to be buy from!!! Easy to navigate. Everything had a drop down box for explanation.
Absolutely anyone can shop on it , I Loved it.” – Esther Lartey, Greater Accra, Teshie

How To Order

This page contains instructions for completing the checkout process when buying  from Zongo Mart. If you have never done this before and are unsure about the process ,  we recommend you read this page .

1. Search and Choose Your Product
Firstly, choose your product(s) at you want to order .After you click “Add to cart”  you will begin the checkout process.

2. Review Cart
Use the “Quantity” column to remove or change the quantity of a product. Click “Return to Shopping” to continue shopping or click “Continue to Shipping Information” to proceed to the next stage in the checkout process.

3. Shipping Information / Billing Information 
Fill in your shipping information. This is where you want your product shipped to

4. Billing Information
Please note that the information you enter here must be the same as that associated with your debit card. For example you must use the correct billing address. (This is the address where your debit card statement is sent.)To ensure that your order is properly processed, please enter a valid email address and phone number.

5. Order Summary / Payment
Please verify that all of your address information is correct.
Also, double-check your order. If you need to make any changes, click on the appropriate link and make the necessary changes.When you are ready to finalize your order , click on “Place Order “

Finalize Your Order / Payments 
You will be redirected  to My GT Pay Platform (GT Bank ) Platform .Chose your payments option (Mobile Money , VISA / Master Card , Internet Banking )  and make payments.All orders will receive a confirmation email and SMS Alert .

Congratulations !
You have now finished the ordering process.

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